Missed Assessment & Extensions

If you miss an assessment for any reason you must fill in a HPSS Missed Assessment Application, (available at Reception) at least one week prior to the assessment.

Where you are absent for an assessment or do not hand in work for assessment the following procedures apply.

If you are planning to be absent, cannot submit an assessment on time, or cannot participate in an in-class assessment activity, then you must apply to your teacher as soon as you know you will be unable to participate in the scheduled assessment. Except in exceptional circumstances, applications must be received at least one week prior to the assessment opportunity taking place.

In all cases, you must complete a Missed Assessment Application and submit this at least one week prior to the assessment taking place. Valid reasons for requesting an extension of time or a new assessment date are:
Sickness: a medical certificate must be supplied. 
Family trauma: a note from the parent/caregiver, guidance counsellor, Hub coach must be supplied.
School sporting/cultural activity: this is valid only if the teacher has been consulted at least a week in advance of the trip occurring so alternative assessment opportunities can be considered and approved.

Extensions will not normally be given for family holidays, travel or part-time employment.

In all cases, a Missed Assessment Application must be completed and submitted to the teacher concerned who will pass on a copy of this and any supporting documents to reception. Requests for extension of time must be made before the due date.

Based on the information presented in the Missed Assessment Application, the Learning Area Leader and/or Principal's Nominee may decide to:
Grant an extension;
Set a new assessment date;
Deny the application and award a not achieved for the standard(s) concerned.

The outcome will be recorded and filed and the relevant people notified.

This page has been adapted from the ASHS NZQA Handbook