Accuracy of Reported Grades

Accuracy of Reported Grades

Once internal moderation has been carried out on your assessed work, grades will be released. Your teacher will go through the assessment results with you and can answer any queries you have. The results will be published on KAMAR and will be visible on the Student Portal instantly. Results are sent to NZQA once a month and will appear on your NZQA Learner Login after this time.

Teachers may ask you to sign off your grade to ensure it has been entered accurately; this may happen at the time the grades are returned, at the end of a term or at the end of the year. Your Learning Coaches will help you to regularly check your results and plan your learning.

It is recommended that students keep a record of all results and regularly check the accuracy of grades on your NZQA Learner Login.  If you find any errors please speak to your subject teacher immediately and let your Learning Coach know.

NZQA has produced an app to help you plan your NCEA study programme, set goals and track your progress. There are plenty of other apps available; you could also use a google doc or a page in the back of your diary.

This page has been adapted from the ASHS NZQA Handbook